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I help Busy moms
get strong
gain energy

so they can feel like the badass they are and go from chaos to crushing it

with my:

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Let me tell you about
healthy habits-based
and bullsh!t-free
fitness coaching.

I help the overworked, over-tired, and overwhelmed mom gain energy, get stronger, and feel like a total badass in her own skin by creating customized, comprehensive fitness, nutrition and lifestyle programs.


No crazy diets, no long hours in the gym. Just workouts that get you strong in the time you have and support along the way to make real, lasting, lifelong changes.

Oh yeah - and I've got a whole coaching team ready to help you regain control of your life and reclaim your health. From pelvic floor probs to nutrition struggles and everything in between...we got you.

You're already as strong as a mother.  Now it's time to start believing it.

OH and I also have a little talk show within my Strong as a mother: happy + Healthy living facebook group called
Coffee talk LIVE!




Connie helped me train my body and understand the importance of patience and form but she also helped train my mind to begin asking myself to push for one more rep rather than just rely on her to keep me going. She gave me skills to succeed and grow that I will be able to use for the rest of my life.


I started working with Connie to improve my heart health and gain muscle strength. Her expertise, persistence, and awesome sense of humor kept me focused and on-track.  She knew just how to push me to get stronger, but respected my limitations and prioritized my safety.


I felt lost, depending on others (and food) for my happiness. Connie coached me through healthy, positive changes. She celebrated even the smallest of victories with me along the way. Her devotion to my success led me to a life of self-love that I can now share with and pass on to my children.


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