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Pre-Sale is OPEN!


12 Week Mind-Body-Life Transformation


Registration Opens 1/28


To Strengthen Your Body?

To Calm Your Mind?

To Change Your Life?

Why relying on your own willpower won’t work -- and what to do instead to get your mind, body, and life together... once and for all.

It happens to lots of people.

You jump into a fitness routine.

You hit the gym hard.

You finally get up early for that morning run.

It lasts for maybe a couple weeks. And then….nothing. The whole thing fizzles out and you fall short of your goals. Ever wonder why that happens?

Simply having the desire and intention to lose weight is not enough to get lasting results. Here are some common mistakes that people make when setting their goals for weight loss:

  • Going at it alone. Let’s be honest, it kind of sucks when you’re the only one focused on your mission to drop pounds and get your life together. You feel like you have to work extra hard just to convince people you’re really doing it this time. You are much more likely to achieve your goals if you have an “accountabilibuddy”, or group with the same goals as you.

  • Extremely lofty goals. After a period of intense focus on your goal, you start to lose willpower. Life happens. Giving it 100% 24/7 is extremely difficult. It leaves no room for mistakes. If you set goals that are too ambitious, you’ll fall short.

  • No plan. How are you supposed to get to the gym, drink all your water, meal prep, eat healthy, get 8 hours of sleep per night, if you don’t have a plan? A failure to plan is a plan for failure.

  • Disconnect from reality. Why are you in the position you’re in? Do you continuously blame work, stress, family, the guy driving like an idiot infront of you when you’re already late for work? Digging deep and understanding how you got to this point...stressed out, overweight, overwhelmed...can help you rebuild yourself from the ground up: harder, better, faster, stronger.

  • Time management. We’re all busy people with a million things competing for our time and attention every day. Hitting your weight loss goal is going to take time and attention. How are you going to carve out time from your busy schedule for workouts and healthy meals?


So what’s the solution to getting the healthy, fit, relaxed life that you want?


How can you become the best version of yourself?


Focus on one primary goal for 45-60 consecutive days. Put your blinders on to the other shiny things trying to get your attention and distract you from what you REALLY want.

Do a group challenge with support and friendly competition. Find accountability with like-minded people, who want to be healthy and fit.

Set realistic goals. Goals that are focused on behaviors instead of outcomes are more achievable. You can’t control how many pounds you lose in three months. But  you can control your daily habits and choices. Weight loss is a bi-product of re-stabilizing your body’s optimal state.

Make a plan that will optimize your days and make fitness a habit that lasts.

Find the deep emotional, personal reason for why you want to change your body. Visual cues can help. It could be an inspirational photo or a contract that you write with yourself.  It can be an outdoor excursion or athletic event that you want to participate in. These can help you focus on your goal. Put them where you see them every damn day. Make them your phone’s wallpaper. Put it on the fridge. Post-it to the bathroom mirror. Everywhere!

Are you interested in getting in shape for the new year, but are not sure where to start?

I have just the thing.

The Mind-Body-Life Transformation Challenge will be kicking off January 1. It will help you get in the groove again and stay there.

You will come out more sexy, confident, and comfortable in your own skin.

You will visit family and friends walking tall and confident knowing that you look AND feel great on the inside AND out.

You’ll learn and implement methods to shrink that stubborn belly fat.

You’ll lose inches all over, but the results will be most pronounced in parts where your clothes got too tight! (Damn dryer…)

Got kids, a spouse, or family? Are they getting the hollow-shell version that you’ve become from feeling overworked, underslept, and nutrient deficient? You deserve to be the vibrant, and energetic version of yourself. The time to take action is now.

You’ll have a weight loss expert (me!) guiding you along the way.

You’ll get a workout plan, full-length yoga and meditation videos, nutrition guidance, online group support, and learn the right mindset to crush your fitness goal by the end of 6 weeks.

All you need is:

A gym membership
2 sets of dumbbells (1 pair of light, 1 pair of not-so-light) & a yoga mat.

The total cost to you for the six week program is $200.

During the pre-sale, I’m extending this offer to you for $147.

Think about it…

$147 barely covers two “dinner and a movie” dates.

$147 is the cost of one small latte a day for six weeks.

2018 is about to begin. New years resolutions usually fizzle out within the first month. But Imagine it: Change that you commit to  ACTUALLY sticking for the first time in your life. This is no quick fix, my friends. I'm in this with you for the long game. Are you?

What price tag would you put on really, truly achieving that?  

But really though...what’s a Challenge without a Reward?!

The biggest transformations get the biggest Cash prizes!*
*You must be willing to submit before and after photos to be eligible to win. Don't worry though, I will never share anything you submit without your consent.

1st place:  gets $100 cash PLUS FREE 3 Month-Elite Training Program! I, Connie, will personally hand-craft you a custom fitness program, complete with all the bells and whistles (Skype calls, custom videos, & more!)...That’s well over a $1000 value!!!   

2nd place: gets $50 cash PLUS $150 towards Custom Training Services

PLUS I’ve got weekly contests and giveaways!

Still Want More?! Fine!

I’ll mail you one of 10 FREE Relaxation Kits for the first 10 to sign up!  

What are you waiting for?! Let’s make this fall YOUR time to become the confident and healthy person that you are meant to be.


Lastly: I dedicate these 6 weeks to being 100% available to my group so I can help see them through to their dream goals. For me to do that, I am holding a STRICT cap at 30 people.


I know you’re strong enough to start...prove to me you’re strong enough to finish.

Are you ready?

Click the Buy Now button to pay. Once complete you'll receive next steps in your email!

Speaking of belly fat...reducing abdominal girth dramatically lowers your risk of diabetes, and death by sudden heart attack or stroke. When you have a lot of extra fat around the middle and have a bulging stomach, you are carrying a lot of visceral fat. This is fat that is hiding deep underneath your skin and wraps itself around your internal organs (your liver, pancreas, and intestines).

This mass of gel-like fat in your abdomen is not inert and harmless. It’s a silent killer.

It’s doing more than making your pants fit tight. It’s emitting hormones and inflammatory molecules that are the root of many chronic diseases. If you have excess visceral fat, you are at a much higher risk of dementia, diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer, arthritis, sexual dysfunction, depression, and sleep disorders.

If there was a pill that safely decreased your risk of all of those diseases, you’d be running to the pharmacy right now, wouldn’t you?!

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