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TRX Meets Sun-Salutation Workout

I love yoga, I love TRX. I played around with some of the movements to create something fun:

I took pieces of the traditional Sun Salutation in a yoga practice, and threaded one leg into the TRX bands and out came an core-kicking, everything-stretching, bonus workout that I know you’ll love.

Where to put it:

-at the beginning of a TRX workout

-wherever you’ve got 10 mins to spare!


With your TRX attached at a location that you won’t pull down, thread just one foot into the band.

Inhale. Take your hands down to the ground and come into a single-leg TRX plank.

Exhale. Slide your elbows along your ribs and lower down to crocodile pose.

Inhale. Straighten your arms, lift your heart and draw your shoulders down and back for upward-facing dog. Nothing is in contact with the ground except your hands!

Exhale as you draw back into pike, aka our “downward facing dog.”

Inhale. Draw the floating leg, (here it’s my right) up between your hands. A lot more core involved in this part than you’d think. Then add a bit more fun and revolve the lunge, reaching the right arm, and the heart, up to the sky.

Exhale. A bit of leg work: take the right arm back to the ground, then slowly take the weight off of the hands and reach the arms behind you, while pulling the crown of the head forward. Don’t forget to breathe! Hold for 1-5 breaths.

Lastly, inhale and draw the arms overhead for an amazing crescent lunge!

Easy, right?! Try 8 repetitions on each side, or if your legs aren’t used to all the balance work, split it up 4 reps on right, switch 4 left, repeat. Try it, let me know how it goes!

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