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Psst...Hey There, You Should Definitely Fire Your Trainer, And Here's Why:

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Dear well-intending mama,

I have spent many working hours in the gym watching in my downtime some of the horrors that people go through with their personal trainers. It is an on-going debate as to whether it’s my duty to intervene, and really I feel this is my best way to get the message out without directly embarrassing anyone.

After spending 10 years in the industry (do I get a badge? I feel like I earned a badge), I’ve noticed that people have a hard time approaching their trainers if they are dissatisfied with the service or the (lack-of) results. Which is funny to me, because you're otherwise pretty quick to return a crappy product, right? Hell, I'll return my latte if I feel like they poured the espresso wrong. (I will NOT waste that $5 on anything less than top quality coffee thank you very much.)

When you’re paying good, hard-earned money for 30 mins to an hour of training time, you deserve a top-notch trainer who is 100% dedicated to you.

Of all the ridiculousness that I’ve witnessed, these are the top (and most commonly observed) reasons you should fire your trainer: (note: for the sake of simplicity I’m going to have imaginary trainer be a “he” just so I’m not writing he/she him/her they/their for the duration of this piece. Rest assured, I’m fully aware there are terrible trainers of all genders out there as well. I’ll also name him Francisco, or Frank for short.

  1. Frank checks his phone in front of you. Or texts. Or answers a call.​ The phone shouldn’t even be on the trainer during your session, my friend. It’s a distraction. A good trainer’s focus is on you and your form and keeping your ass motivated.​

  2. Frank is staring off at other girls or what’s on the tv during your session.

Clearly Frank is bored and doesn’t give a crap that you’re about to smash the barbell onto your chest instead of spotting you during reps.

  1. Frank is not correcting your form.

I’ve seen cringe-worthy form on clients being instructed to do lunges, squats, and beyond. And I’m not just a stickler for proper form...these exercises are designed to improve your health and alleviate pain...not cause more.Not sure if he is doing his job? Put it this way: if you haven’t been corrected ONCE, what are the chances you have had perfect form since day one? Hmm??? *RED FLAG* On the other end of this, if you find yourself with a trainer that's a little TOO handsy, GTFO and report it! We trainers do not have to touch you at all to get you into good form and it should be a topic discussed and agreed upon by the both of you from day 1. Some trainers do use physical adjustments in a professional and productive way and as long as you're okay with it, by all means continue. But the second you feel uncomfortable, you have every right to walk away and talk to a manager. Not cool, Frank. Not cool at all.

  1. Frank is late. Like, A LOT. And rescheduling. And ending your session early or just throwing you on the treadmill for the last 10 mins of your 30 min session.

A good trainer knows how to prioritize the client and schedule and show up like an adult. Yes, life happens occasionally, but since you’re already carving out time in your life to get your shit together, your trainer ought to respect your time.

  1. Frank hasn’t measured your progress.

​ In fact, you are pretty sure you gained weight and have done the exact same thing for the last 12 weeks. Or worse, you have been doing random exercises and each day is something different but really you’re not sure why 30 minutes straight of pushups is the best way to improve your 5k time. ​

  1. Frank only seems to be really connected to you and care...when it’s time to buy more sessions.

​ You tell yourself, 'oh he is really paying attention to me now! I feel so motivated!' No honey, he’s trying to get paid.

To be honest, I’m bringing this up because I really, actually care. Fitness isn't just a side gig for me, it’s my career. And my calling. I’ve lived through the struggle of being overweight and inexperienced and unsure where to start, and when I had a trainer who actually took the time to see that I am setting good goals and I’m working out safely, it inspired me even more. To the point where it became my mission in life: To teach other mamas how to get stronger, gain energy and feel like complete badasses in their own bodies so they can take on work from 9 to 5 and parenting from 5 to 9. I love seeing people in the gym or at home ready to make some great changes in their life, and it breaks my heart that their motivation and energy is wasted on “trainers” who only want to make some quick cash. You deserve better, mama.

(This is where I’d be remiss to promote my fitness coaching services) If you’ve fired your old trainer, or have been wondering who out there actually cares enough to help you get the results you want, well I’m right here waiting for ya. Let’s get to getting you the strong, healthy body you deserve. Because you shouldn't have to choose between being fit and being a mom. Be both.

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