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February 16, 2020

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Hey mama!

Connie Pastorius-Fitness coach and fellow NYC mama here...and I've got questions: 

Do you want to to stop being sucked into fad diets that don’t work?

Do you want to have the energy to exercise, kick ass at your job, and be able to spend quality time with your kids?

Do you want to show off your strong muscles instead of hiding under full-body Spanx, consider joining me and a group of badass women in my STRONG as a MOTHER Mind, Body, Life Transformation Program.

A huge shout-out to my winner of the Min

Katie, 32,
mom of 2
before and after the
Mind Body Life Transformation


Here’s how it works:


Twice a year, I open the STRONG as a MOTHER 12 Week Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Transformation Program for moms who want to improve their health, get stronger, and feel like complete badasses. 


I’ve spent 10 years in the fitness industry and the last 4 years evolving this program to create the most comprehensive, evidence-based, total mind, body, and life transformation.

But enough about me, let’s talk about my client, Molly.

Molly finally got cleared to exercise by her doctor after having her first baby girl. She classically “ate for two” throughout this pregnancy, so she now found herself with an extremely lofty goal of losing the “baby weight” plus 20lbs to get back to her favorite pre-baby jean size.


She had no plan, just to pull up some workouts on Pinterest and get to the gym when her husband was home from work.


Her friend told her that she lost A TON of weight going Keto, so she decided to go along with it. Well, it took one sleepless night with the baby to reach for the bagel and Keto went right out the window.


Since she failed again at her diet, she felt there was no point in going to the gym. Molly was crushed. She found herself in a failure feedback loop of giving it 100%, slipping up once, feeling like a failure, and giving up til she’s ready to give it 100% again. 

When Molly reached out to me about the Mind-Body-Life Transformation, I felt she was the perfect candidate for participating. Why?

-She won’t have to go at it alone. Because having someone to help hold her accountable keeps Molly from talking herself out of it.

-She will get exactly the workout program she needs to build muscle and lose weight, no more having to dig through the internet for a workout she hopes works.
-She will learn about eating to support a healthy lifestyle, which includes every food group and leaves out nothing. Including bagels.

What Molly didn’t realize is that going 100% and 24/7 is extremely difficult. It leaves no room for real-life. What works though, is making tiny, strategic changes to the way you already do things, and having a coach to lead you through each change to keep you on track.

So tell me...


Are you interested in being a healthy, confident, has-her-shit-together mom, but are not sure where to start?
I have just the thing.
STRONG as a MOTHER Mind-Body-Life Transformation will be kicking off February 16. It will help you get in the groove again and stay there. For good.
You will come out stronger, energized, and feel like a total badass in your own skin.
You will visit family and friends walking tall and confident knowing that you look AND feel great on the inside AND out.
You’ll learn and implement methods to shrink that stubborn belly fat.
You’ll lose inches all over, but the results will be most pronounced in parts where your clothes got too tight! (Damn dryer…)

Speaking of belly fat...reducing abdominal girth dramatically lowers your risk of diabetes, and death by sudden heart attack or stroke. When you have a lot of extra fat around the middle and have a bulging stomach, you are carrying a lot of visceral fat. This is fat that is hiding deep underneath your skin and wraps itself around your internal organs (your liver, pancreas, and intestines).
This mass of gel-like fat in your abdomen is not inert and harmless. It’s a silent killer.


It’s doing more than making your pants fit tight. It’s emitting hormones and inflammatory molecules that are the root of many chronic diseases. If you have excess visceral fat, you are at a much higher risk of dementia, diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer, arthritis, sexual dysfunction, depression, and sleep disorders.
Got kids, a spouse, or family? Are they getting the hollow-shell version that you’ve become from feeling overworked, underslept, and nutrient deficient? You deserve to be the vibrant, and energetic version of yourself. The time to take action is now.
You’ll have a health and fitness expert (me!) guiding you every step of the way...that’s one  HUGE load off your plate. I’ll tell you exactly what to do, all you have to do is show up and put in the work.
You’ll get:

  • A 12 week workout plan-And this is a comprehensive plan. Not just a few useless PDF's. You'll get actual details on how to really make workouts a part of your life and exercises that are tailored for busy moms like you to get results. 30 minutes a day, tops.

  • Nutrition guidance with easy to prep and make recipes-so you can stop obsessing over what diet you should be on and just enjoy food again. Pizza? Yeah. Bagel? Eat it. My nutrition plan is the last diet you’ll ever need.

  • Online group support-It takes a village...of moms. You won’t feel alone in your journey, and we’ll all be here to answer your questions and cheer you on!

  • Monthly group coaching calls-We’ll hang out video conference-call style so you can see everyone and listen in on what I want you to focus on for the month. Wins will be shared, Stories will be told, Q’s will be A’d.

  • One 1-on-1 strategy call with me-This will be the chance for us to customize your journey based on your particular needs. We can address any pelvic health concerns, personal goals, and work together to break any barriers that need a breakin’.

  • Assigned journey partner-Whether you sign up with a pal or I assign you to one, you’ll be paired up with an accountabilibuddy to keep in touch with as much as needed to stay on track. Text her when you need talked out of eating a whole pint of Ample Hills, or give her a high five emoji for finishing the day’s workout. Team work makes the dream work!

For STRONG as a MOTHER, all you need is:

-A gym membership
-2 sets of dumbbells (1 pair of light, 1 pair of not-so-light) & a yoga mat.
-30 minutes a day to dedicate to exercise and personal growth
-The desire and courage to change who you are and work towards who you want to become
To hire a personal trainer, nutritionist, and a meal kit service, you could find yourself spending up to $1000 a month. For a 12 week program that comes to $3,000... not to mention all of the hours spent doing all of the shopping, planning, and finding your accountability on your own.  


Instead, you can get:

-A comprehensive 12 week strength training & fat loss program designed for busy moms like you
-The last guide on nutrition you’ll ever need with meal suggestions and easy, healthy, tasty recipes
-Meal prep coaching with printable templates
-Healthy habits for life and time management coaching
-Monthly group coaching video call
-1-on-1 coaching call with me
-Group support
The full price of this program is $997 but you are not going to pay that.
You are not even going to have to pay the early bird opening price of $799 that the public will.
If you buy within the next 48 hours you will get the entire program:
-The 12 weeks of strength training and fat loss
-The Nutrition guide with recipes
-The Meal Prep Guide with templates
-The Healthy Habits for Life
-The Monthly group calls
-The Private 1-on-1 strategy session w/me
For $597.

That’s it.

I won't sell you any "supplements" or suggest you buy my leggings. Just good content, support and accountability. For less than $10/day.
Think about it…

$597 is about $50 a week.

$50 barely covers one dinner order for two on Seamless.

$50 is the cost of your daily grande mocha and 1 petite vanilla bean scone for a week.

$50 is a pair of Spanx that do nothing but turn you into a temporary human sausage.
Will you miss that $50 each week? No. you won't. Especially with what you'll be getting in return.


But don't take it from me, here's what others had to say about my program:

"I think we get so busy in our daily lives that we forget to take care of ourselves. [Connie's Program] was a helpful reminder and didn't feel overwhelming. I was impressed! I've never seen a well rounded program like this and I found it very beneficial for life in the long term. It truly helped me care for myself on more than just the nutrition/ fitness levels that are so common." -Maggie, 31


"Connie helped me train my body and understand the importance of patience and form but she also helped train my mind to begin asking myself to push for one more rep rather than just rely on her to keep me going. She gave me skills to succeed and grow that I will be able to use for the rest of my life." Elizabeth, 32


"I eagerly awaited the daily emails and how down to earth Connie was. The information was real, held some humor, and kept my attention. The workouts varied and were definitely do-able as a full-time working mom. (Thank you for the preview of each exercise!) I wasn't sure what to expect... but to my surprise- I was sore which for me was a very missed feeling. This made me feel that I was getting something out of the workouts, not to mention my mood and self-confidence was boosted!" Stephanie, 30


2020 is your year. New Year’s resolutions usually fizzle out within the first month. But imagine it: Change that you commit to ACTUALLY sticking for the first time in your life. This is no quick fix, mama. I'm in this for the long game.


Are you?


What price tag would you put on really, truly achieving lifelong health and fitness?  


But really though...what’s a 12 Week Transformation without a Reward?!
At the end of the 12 terrible, horrible, no-good very bad JK super awesome, life-altering, mood-enhancing, ass-kicking weeks you’ll get:


-To party! Join me as we’ll celebrate each other's success while luxuriating in delicious foods, mini makeovers and a glam photo shoot!

-New threads! Complete the 12 week program and you'll receive your very own Strong as a Mother tank top to show off your bad-ass bod just in time for spring.

-To be the confident, healthy, badass woman with her shit together that you deserve to be. This is your time, what are you waiting for?!
Lastly: I dedicate these 12 weeks to being 100% available to my group so I can help see them through to their total success. For me to do that, I am holding a STRICT cap at 12 mamas.


I know you’re brave enough to start...prove to me you’re strong enough to finish.
Are you ready?
One last time, for less than $10/day you get:


-12 week strength training & fat loss program designed for busy moms like you (workouts take 30 mins max)

-The last guide on nutrition you’ll ever need with easy, tasty recipes so you can have a healthy relationship with food

-Meal prep coaching with printable templates so you know what to buy and how to make it

-Healthy habits for life and time management coaching so you can get (and stay) organized

-Monthly group coaching video call

-1-on-1 private coaching call with me

-Support of a dozen awesome moms on the same journey as you!




Once you finish, you’ll receive a confirmation email with next steps.


→ Click here to sign up now
STRONG as a MOTHER 12 Week Mind, Body, & Life Transformation


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